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All wine for sale on is available in various wine merchants and restaurants throughout Alberta, Canada. For a full list of establishments or restaurants that carry these wines, please review our list here.

We’ve stood in the dirt of the vineyard of every wine we carry, and we have shaken hands with the families and learned their history. We now pass that on to you. We invite you to explore each grower’s unique story and connection to the lands where they live and care for their vines.

Château de la Grave

“The singular wines of the Bassereau family build a remarkable bridge between this historic region’s rich traditions and forward thinking of a passionate, skillful vigneron such as Philippe Bassereau and his dynamic wife Valérie.”

Robert Perroud

“Wines often reflect the personality of the grower who crafts them. Robert’s wines are charming, powerful yet elegant with a lot of substance”

Lucien Lardy

“Lucien is traditionalist, single minded in his commitment to craft wines that are honest reflections of their birth place.”

Chateau de Javernand

“A hidden gem and to me the most beautiful vineyard and estate in Chiroubles. Cousins Arthur and Pierre tend to their land with passion and skill, producing wines of purity and amazing structure.”

Vignobles Dubard

“Before taking over the family estate, Greg Dubard worked in wineries abroad to gain experience. His wines match the beauty of the Périgord and match the high standard of the region’s cuisine.”

Celine & Frederic Gueguen

“Skillfully crafted expressions of their terroirs, the white wines from Gueguen display the elegance and unmistakable flavour of Chablis and Auxerrois that make this region popular around the world.”

Domaine Royet

“Located in the little-known appellation of Côtes du Couchois, adjacent to Meursault, the wines from the Royet are true insider tips. Very quietly they craft sparkling wines and Chardonnays that rival Champagnes and white wines from neighbouring Meursault.”

Jean-Luc Pasquet

“Committed to organic agriculture and traditional production methods without the use of additives that are found in commercially produced large brands, the cognacs from  the Pasquet family are a pure and true expression of their birth place and of the love  and skill applied to craft them.”

Gadais Pere et Fils

“Christophe and his son Pierre-Henri now represent the fourth and fifth generations of this family estate, producing world-class Muscadet wines full of character and lasting structure. One of only four families that only grow Melon on their vineyards, the grape variety that made Muscadet so popular around the globe.”

Domaine Roger Neveu

“A pristine family estate in the heart of Sancerre with a very traditional approach towards working with the noble grape variety Sauvignon Blanc that found a perfect home in the vineyards of Sancerre.”

Domaine de Fontenille

“An oasis of comfort and elegance surrounded by pristine nature and picturesque scenery – a wonderful experience accentuated by singular wines of character and expression of terroir.”

Domaine de l’Amauve

“Located in Séguret, a historic village close to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the wines from Christian Voeux represent fantastic value, rivaling higher priced wines from the more famous neighboring appellations. Honest wines without make-up.”

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